Character Creation Rules

I hate to put limits on character creation, especially with the multitude of goodness that exists in Shadowrun, but there are some things I have to put the kabosh on as not doing so may imbalance the game drastically.

  1. All characters will be created with the standard 400 BPs.
  2. All characters begin the game with CHA * 2 in free contacts. That is, the total rating of Connection and Loyalty across all contacts cannot exceed your CHA * 2. You don’t have to pay for these contacts with any BP.
  3. Characters may only be created from the core rule books – 20th Anniversary Rules, Arsenal, Augmentation, Runner’s Companion, Street Magic, and Unwired. If you have a character concept that requires something from one of the other books, just ask your GM (Scare_crow) and you and him can discuss allowing it.
  4. Characters may only start the game with gear/cyberware/bioware/vehicles/drones/etc. that has an availability rating of 12 or less. As with the previous one, if you have a concept that requires an item with a higher availability rating, please talk to your GM during character creation about allowing that item.
  5. After thinking on the subject for a bit (as well as getting feedback from the community at large on one of my own characters), it has been decided that any new characters will not be allowed to start with Hacked/Pirated programs, agents included. Allowing this basically gives the character every program and agent available, and then there is nothing left for the hacker to strive towards as far as programs are concerned. So, no more hacked programs.

If you wish to create a character using SURGE, I will not stop you from doing so. However, all characters with SURGE are hereby forewarned that all social interactions with others will suffer. This will, as the situation calls for it, include dice pool modifiers for tests based on CHA, and will definitely impact your character’s ability to be inconspicuous. Again, I don’t want to stop you from doing creating a SURGE character – I only want to let you know up front that there will be penalties associated with it due to how your character looks.

In addition to the above, all characters who start in the city of Denver start the game with a free contact – Smiley, a Male Ork Fixer (Connection 2, Loyalty 2).

This list is not all-inclusive, and there may be things added here in the future. Please keep checking back to see that your character is in compliance during character creation.

Character Creation Rules

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