Combat mage


Name: Sean “Ocho” Rodriguez
Gender: Male
Species: Ork
Height: 1.95m
Weight: 150kgs
Nuyen: 1,330

Addiction (Mild, synthahol)
Allergy (Mild, silver)
Sensitive system

Body: 5
Agility: 4
Reaction: 4
Strength: 5
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 5
Edge: 2
Magic: 5
Essence: 6
Initiative: 8
Initiative passes: 1
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 75/50
Memory: 9
Street cred: 0
Notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 0

Active Skills
Summoning 4 (Fire Spirits 6) [Pool: 9(11)]
Spellcasting 5 (Combat spells 7) [Pool: 10(12)]
Counterspelling 4 [Pool: N/A]
Astral Combat 2 [Pool: 6]
Assensing 3 [Pool: 7]
Unarmed Combat 2 [Pool: 6]
Pistols 1 (Semi-automatics 3) [Pool: 5(7)]
Survival 3 [Pool: 8]
Perception 2 [Pool: 6]

Knowledge Skills
Denver area knowledge (Street) 3 [Pool: 7]
Toxic magic (Professional) 3 [Pool: 7]
Insect Spirits (Professional) 3 [Pool: 7]
Shedim (Professional) 3 [Pool: 7]
UCAS military (Professional) 4 [Pool: 8]
Magic theory (Academic) 3 [Pool: 7]
Soccer (Interests) 2 [Pool: 6]
English N
Spanish 3 [Pool: 7]

Smiley – Fixer (2/2)
Rafa – Bartender at The Pitch, a sports bar in the UCAS sector (2/2)

Detect Enemies, Extended
Heal (Fetish-limited)
Improved Invisiblity
Mass Confusion

Novatech Airware commlink
-Iris Orb OS
-Fake SIN [Javier Saborío](Rating 4)
—Fake concealed carry permit (Rating 4)
—Fake bounty hunter license (Rating 4)
—Fake magician registration (Rating 4)
—Fake UCAS driver’s license (Rating 4)
Novatech Airware commlink
-Renraku Ichi OS
-Fake SIN [Armando Ruiz](Rating 3)
—Fake concealed carry permit (Rating 3)
—Fake magician registration (Rating 3)
—Fake UCAS driver’s license (Rating 3)
-Subvocal microphone
6 months Low lifestyle
Ares Predator IV
-Quick Draw holster
-60 rounds Ex-Ex ammo
-60 rounds Stick & Shock ammo
—7 spare magazines
Colt America
-Internal Smartlink
-Concealable holster
-20 rounds flechette
-20 rounds Stick & Shock ammo
-20 rounds regular ammo
-6 spare magazines
Clothing (¥2,000 worth of casual and business-casual clothing)
Actioneer business clothes
-Nonconductivity 6
Camouflage suit (Forest)
Camouflage suit (Desert)
Armor Jacket
-Nonconductivity 6
Armor vest
Contact lenses (Rating 3)
-Image link
-Flare compensation
-Vision enhancement (rating 3)
Goggles (Rating 4)
-Image link
-Flare compensation
-Optical vision magnification
Gas mask
Respirator (rating 4)
Low-light flashlight
Rating 4 medkit
Rating 4 stimpatches x5
Plasteel restraints x2
Mercury Comet
Healing fetish (dog tags)
Magical lodge materials (Rating 4)


The eigth child of a poor ork family in the Redmond Barrens, Sean seemed doomed to an unlamented death in the gutter like so many others around him. School was a warzone, the only lessons being how to survive another day in Hell. He helped bury 2 of his older brothers before the age of 12, victims of the never-ending cycle of murder and revenge the small-time sprawl gangs thrived on. But before it could claim him he Awakened, and with it the attentions of much larger groups eager to suborn his Talent. A steady diet of pirated shadowrunner trids and sims poisoned him against the megacorps, so when the Marine Corps recruiter gave him the offer holosheet promising glory, action, and a chance to serve somethig bigger than the bottom line he had already marked his acceptance.
He found, as many boys who signed those sheets do, that life in the Marine Corps was hardly that. Instead, it was a life of drills, orders, and constant wearing away at the rough edges that life in the Barrens gave him until with the passing of years the military machine had crafted him into a soldier. A soldier with a natural inclination to spells meant to destroy, and spirits that consumed everything he commanded in a fiery conflagration. A soldier looked at with fear and resentment by other soldiers without the Talent, and who eventually set him up with a bad simchip replacing his training mission briefing chip. He was weeks in recovery from the near-fatal brainburn, during which half of his unit was court-martialed and sent to Leavenworth, the unit leader sent to the firing squad for masterminding the attempted murder. When he as released from the infirmary he was shipped to Denver in the wake of Ghostwalker assuming control of the city to be part of the nascent ZDF. Finding the city more to his liking than the barracks, “Ocho” waited until his contract was up, had his records disappeared, and faded into the shadows of the Front Range Zone.

Description: Ocho is bald, with no piercings or tattoos. His features are broadly Aztlaner with the exception of his green eyes, the only characteristic of his mother’s Irish heritage.


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