This Land is Our Land

So this is how we come to be...

And the campaign is up and running. Our initial group of runners includes:

  1. Bastet, a human street samurai
  2. Moo, a troll minotaur physical adept
  3. Nitwit, an elven physical adept specializing in ninjutsu
  4. Ocho, an ork mage
  5. Scarlet, a human combat hacker

Looks like we’ve got all the bases covered here, doesn’t it?

It’s Friday, April 29, 2072 at 19:30 hours, and our runners have just been contacted by Smiley. He has informed them of their first meet – not only with Mr. Johnson, but with each other. I’ll keep the adventure log updated as time goes on to let all of your know what the story is.



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