This Land is Our Land

Mr. Johnson, I Presume?

Well, the game is up and running with only a minor hitch so far.

The group gets a call from Smiley, ork fixer extraordinaire, telling them to meet Mr. Johnson at a club called Infinity, and they all decide to go. Not a big surprise considering it’s the start of a game, but it’s nice to see everyone get on the same page right away.

They all get to the club and are ushered into a blue conference room, which is where Mr. Johnson is waiting for them. Mr. Johson is a rather large troll, but well-dressed and well-spoken. So what’s the job? Easy – a data disk has been stolen from his employer, and they want it back at all costs. Go find the disk and retrieve it; go find if the data’s been leaked and retrieve it; find who is offering the disk and take care of them.

He offers the group 10,000 Y (half up front), and thanks to some rather good negotiating rolls, they get him up to 20,000 Y for the job. They decide to take the job, and begin to run some data searches and contact their contacts. The contacts come up pretty much empty, but the data searches don’t. They get a solid lead – an ork musician named Nabo has apparently received an offer to purchase the disk. Where is this guy? Easy – he’s playing a concert in Denver in about 24 hours (current day/time is April 29, 2072, 21:45 hours), so the group will need to get into the concert and figure out how to either get close enough to the guy to ask him questions OR figure out how he got the offer and see if they can’t trace the offer back to the person who sent it to him.

On the note of the minor hitch: A player has dropped. Or, more accurately, disappeared. Bastet’s player hasn’t been around for a bit, so the character has left the group. Unfortunate, yes. But not the end of the world.

So this is how we come to be...

And the campaign is up and running. Our initial group of runners includes:

  1. Bastet, a human street samurai
  2. Moo, a troll minotaur physical adept
  3. Nitwit, an elven physical adept specializing in ninjutsu
  4. Ocho, an ork mage
  5. Scarlet, a human combat hacker

Looks like we’ve got all the bases covered here, doesn’t it?

It’s Friday, April 29, 2072 at 19:30 hours, and our runners have just been contacted by Smiley. He has informed them of their first meet – not only with Mr. Johnson, but with each other. I’ll keep the adventure log updated as time goes on to let all of your know what the story is.


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